Customized special gearboxes

Customized special gearboxes

gearbox as replacement for worm gear


We develop customized gearboxes for specific customer requirements and different applications in various industries.

For example, we supply our gearboxes to customers in the following sectors:

  • automotive industry
  • machine tools
  • handling systems
  • textile industry
  • food industry (wash-down)
  • packaging industry
  • robotics
  • rack drives

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gearbox as replacement for worm gear

Energy-efficient gearbox as a substitute for worm gear

High ratio gearbox with an efficiency of up to 96%.
The shape and ratio is similar to common worm gears but due to the two-stage design with a hypoid and a spur gear stage it is much more energy-efficient.
Range of ratios is from 20:1 to 90:1

transfer gearbox

Transfer gearbox

Our gearboxes can be designed with multiple output shafts on all sides.
By use of the transfer gearboxes the torque can be splitted and power is optimally transmitted to multiple positions.

Cycloid gearbox as robot drive

Robot gearbox

Cycloid gearboxes are excentric gearboxes that are particularly suitable for use in industrial robots because of their mechanical properties.
Amongst others, these properties are low backlash, high overload capacity and high stiffness.

rack drive

Rack drive

Gearboxes with low backlash for linear drives.
Ideal for dynamic applications for example in machine tools and handling systems, because of the torsional resistant coupling, the low backlash and the aluminium housing