HT hypoid gearboxes

Servo hypoid gearboxes


Performance list

i = 5:1 to 15:1

Rated output torque
25 to 720 Nm

Rated input speed
900 to 4000 min-1

90 to 215

Type of output shaft
Solid shaft left
Solid shaft right
Solid shaft on both sides
Hollow shaft with shrink disc on left side
Hollow shaft with shrink disc on right side

Upon request: motor flange, different shaft dimensions, customized solutions, fittings.

Construction subject to change. We recommend technical clarification prior to ordering.

Features and benefits

The compact and robust design of the hypoid precision gear boxes is suitable for specific and highly dynamic applications. Our specially developed monobloc housing distinguishes this series with extreme stability and provides maximum precision and efficiency. The highly flexible flange and coupling system enables our gearboxes to be connected to a host of servo motors without difficulty.

The housing:

  • aluminum housing with high precision bearing seats and an integrated input shank which ensures a secure motor connection via a housing rib
  • high power density of the gearboxes through compact housing dimensions
  • highly flexible gearbox interface via the motor flange for connecting all common servo motors
  • mounting holes on the output side with the option of mounting threads on top or bottom of the housing provides secure connection of the gearbox for various installation positions

The gears:

  • heavy duty bevel gears, designed and manufactured according to the Gleason process provide optimal gearing efficiency, high transmission precision and reduced load on bearings
  • secure torque transmission through friction-locked, zero backlash connection of the crown gears on the drive shaft
  • precise gear settings through measuring of the gear components and 100% running test in assembly
  • the tooth flanks are ground to achieve maximum demands on transmission performance at minimal tooth clearance

The shafts and bearings:

  • the monobloc housing offers maximum stability and exact positioning of the bearing seats to each other
  • steel alloy shafts with super-finished bearing seats as basis for precise and heavy duty taper roller bearings
  • precise positioning and setting of bearings through the use of ground steel shims and splinting of the inner rings

The range of gearboxes:

  • at present 5 gearbox sizes are available in the ratio range i = 5:1 to 15:1 (other ratios available upon request)
  • hypoid gearbox available with solid shaft and hollow shaft for shrink disc connection with optional choice of the output side

Performance data


solid shaft design:

Hollow shaft design:

Motor flange:



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