SHT hypoid helical gearboxes

Servo hypoid helical gearboxes


Performance list

i = 20:1 to i = 90:1

Rated output torque
55 to 250 Nm

Rated input speed
3400 to 4000 min-1

100 to 150

Type of output shaft
Solid shaft left
Solid shaft right
Solid shaft on both sides
Hollow shaft with shrink disc on left side
Hollow shaft with shrink disc on right side

Upon request: motor flange, different shaft dimensions, customized solutions, fittings.

Construction subject to change. We recommend technical clarification prior to ordering.

Features and benefits

The two-stage hypoid helical gearboxes are characterized by a very compact size with high power density. The hypoid gears designed for highest load capacity and smooth running and combined with the helical gear stage provide high ratios with a high efficiency compared to worm gears. By the fine adjustment of the pair of spur gears lowest backlash can be realized. Due to the alloyed steel used in both stages the backlash remains constant during operation. All common servomotors can be attached via the highly flexible gearbox interface. The gearbox can easily be mounted with the flange and the centering.

  • high level of energy efficiency up to 96%
  • two-stage gearbox with high ratios up to i = 90:1
  • designed for dynamic servo applications
  • constant backlash
  • without offset mountable inversely
  • low weight
  • compact and stable design through monobloc cast aluminium housing
  • highly flexible gearbox interface via the motor flange and coupling
  • solid and hollow shaft version
  • lubricated for life
  • lowest backlashes ≤ 1 arcmin

Performance data


Solid shaft design:

Hollow shaft design:

Motor flange:



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